Happiness Pte Ltd, distributor of Turbo Italia, has been in the kitchen appliance industry since 1974. We are one of the first distributors to bring in much-desired cooker hobs, hoods and ovens to the Singaporean market, maintaining long-standing relationships with Italian suppliers maintaining ISO 9001 certifications.

Over the years, we have worked closely with our manufacturers in Italy to develop several innovative features to enhance the ease of Asian cooking. In 1990 we introduced the revolutionary 3-burner built-in hob, which allows households to not only cook in times of electricity failure but also lower electricity expenses through the innovative piezo ignition.

Wok cooking is an essential part of any Singaporean kitchen. We have taken precautions in our placement of wok burners to maximise cooking safety. Also, the invention of the inner-ring control device allows for the intensity of heat to be completely controlled on all levels, ensuring the best tasting results.

Happiness Pte Ltd has worked for many years to bridge the gap between finely crafted, high quality Italian products and the specific needs of our Singaporean customers. Our long-standing experience has been a main driver leading the kitchen appliance industry and we are constantly developing and sourcing for new and innovative products for local use, aiming to improve the ease and enjoyment of your cooking experience.

Besides Turbo Italia kitchen appliances, Happiness is now the distributor of the revolutionary Blanc white nano-ceramic cookware. Blanc cookware promotes healthy cooking as they are free of Polytetrafluoroetylene (PTFE). Not only are Blanc cookware clean, hygienic, eco-friendly, non-toxic, healthy, easy-to-clean, durable, most importantly, they elevate your cooking skills! Visit blancwok.com.sg to find out more!